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"Audio is the most visual medium."

I heard that at a radio conference, and it's totally true. So a large part of my video work is actually audio work: I'm often the boom op, recording engineer, audio designer or even voiceover artist.

Sound Design

Role: sound design, visual research

Role: sound design, writing, visual research, animation

Role: sound design, VO, writing, graphics and animation

Role: sound design


I created this audio ad for Ravinia, a summer music festival outside Chicago. We wanted an ad that would make the listeners feel like they're at Ravinia and - importantly - not turn off the ad when it starts.

I created this documentary story for the 2013 Third Coast ShortDocs, a competition that encourages anyone to create new short audio pieces based on a unique set of rules. This time we were asked to be inspired by the idea of appetite and to present the story in three courses.

Music Recordings

Even though "Leyenda" by Isaac Albeniz is a very famous piece, it is not often heard on a harpsichord, and above all not a revival harpsichord. Revival harpsichords became very popular in the 60s, but quickly lost favor. They are not historic, and they are not "nice." John, the performer in this recording, wanted his instrument to sound full and strong, so we experimented with different microphones, which was a fantastic experience.

These two recordings were both recorded live, and don't have any cuts. The Tango Etude was recorded to be used as an audition recording, while the solo violin piece was an impromptu recording I made when a famous violinist surprised the audience after a community concert.